Welcome to the Center for Cultural Innovation’s grants program site!

To Get Started:

1. Please click on “Guidelines” button and print and read the guidelines carefully for the grant program you are applying.
2. If you are a first time visitor, you MUST create a Profile page before you can access the Application Form. Please note the following about your Profile page:
• All information provided on your Profile page is treated as strictly confidential.
• CCI will not use information provided under Grantee Race as part of criteria to review applications.
3. When filling out the Application Form please save your information regularly, and before exiting the site between work sessions.
4. To review or print a copy of individual application pages at any time prior to submission, click “View pdf” at the bottom of each page, or to see the entire document go to the “Submit Application” page in the application form and click “View pdf” (Note: Your application will NOT be sent until you indicate that it is a Final Submission, and click the “Submit” button).

QUESTIONS? Call the CCI Grants Info Line at (800) 418-1671 or email grants@cciarts.org